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The Tiny Egypt Society community pages: an overview

The Tiny Egypt Society has its own collection of community pages, which are exclusive to active, paying members of the Society.


Well, I originally wanted to set up a Patreon page so people could support Tiny Egypt.

Then, I looked at the fees I’d have to pay (and other similar sites), and decided that I’d rather do it myself.

Also, I’d rather not put all my eggs in someone else’s basket, so to speak. If they suddenly change their policies or fees or algorithms, I’m at their mercy.

So, what I’ve done with the Tiny Egypt website is not only build a home for the project, I’ve also created my own Patreon replacement.

If you’re new to the Tiny Egypt Society; or you’re thinking of joining but want to see some more first; or even if it’s just been a little while and you can’t quite remember your way around, then this whistle-stop tour is for you.

(If you want to see the screenshots in this post more clearly, you can click on them to open up larger versions.)

On this page:

Logging in

When you first arrive at the site, and you’re not logged in (or not yet a member), you’ll see a pale blue menu just below the main site menu.

It’ll have a button for the members’ dashboard page and one for logging in. (If you click on the dashboard link before you log in, you’ll still be prompted to log in first, as it’s a members-only page.)

Logged-in members

When you log in, you’ll be taken straight to your dashboard:

The first thing you’ll notice is that the pale blue menu has changed, and now has links to useful pages you might want quick access to while you’re here (see Members’ menu section below).

You have a welcome message, along with a profile completion meter. You can choose to ignore the completion thing, if you wish; it’s entirely up to you.

Scroll down a little and you’ll find handy links to the members-only photo gallery, and the newsfeed and articles pages.

Just below that, you can post your own updates, if you wish. You can upload photos, add links to articles on other sites, and tag people (to tag me, for example, type in @Tetisheri). You can choose who can see your post, too; whether it’s public*, your connections, or just you.

Below this is a search box for you to search your feed.

Lastly, you have your community activity feed and latest news stories.

The Community activity feed is similar to feeds you have on social media sites such as Facebook, where you see updates from around the site.

You might, for example, see my updates, or new stories I’ve posted to the newsfeed. If you connect with other members, you’ll also see their updates.

The Latest news stories section contains the newest updates on the newsfeed.

*’Public’ doesn’t mean actually, fully public; see the section A note about ‘public’ posts and info below to explain.

Members' navigation menu

Running through the members’ menu a little more, you have:

  1. Members’ dashboard: this takes you back to your dashboard page.
  2. Profile: you can view and edit your personal profile.
  3. Timeline: this is your activity feed, but on a page by itself.
  4. Notifications: just like notifications you get on social media, such as someone sending you a connection request.
  5. Messages: these are your DMs, like Facebook Messenger.
  6. Connections: other members you’ve connected with, like adding friends on Facebook.
  7. Member photos: these are photos you’ve uploaded. You can create albums of photos, if you wish.
  8. Membership: access your Society subscription info, and pause, upgrade/downgrade or cancel your membership.
  9. Account: here, you can change your password, notification preferences, and privacy settings. You can also see other members you might have blocked and download a copy of your data.

Completing your profile

It’s entirely up to you as to whether you fill out any of your profile or not.

The system needs your name and a chosen nickname. But anything other than that is your choice.

If you do want to share more, you can add links to your social media accounts, your own website, write a little about yourself and upload profile and cover photos.

To add links to your social media and/or website, go to your profile, click on Edit, then About.

Upload profile and cover photos by clicking on the links on your profile page.

Etiquette and behaviour on the site

Opening the Society community up like this does need me to make a couple of things clear about etiquette and behaviour.

Whilst this site is the home of my Tiny Egypt project, I am more than happy for Society members to use their profiles to chat about other things and to post links for things relating to ancient Egypt and photography.

However, I do insist on the following:

  • Everyone is to treat others with respect and dignity. No arguing, name-calling etc.
  • Respect other people’s identities and lifestyles, including religion, culture, sex, gender, language etc. We’re here for the Egyptology, not to judge one another.
  • No copyright infringement/passing off others’ stuff as your own. If you share someone else’s photo/art/writing, you must credit them or link back to the original work or their site or social media. If you don’t know who the original creator was, please say so. As a photographer who’s had work taken without permission, this is something I must insist upon. If it’s work that’s in the public domain (for example photos from the Met Museum), it’s still really useful for other members if you share where you found it/where the artefact is etc.
  • No promoting of pseudo-archaeology (ancient aliens, alternative histories etc).
  • No mithering or spamming other members. If they choose to connect with you and/or chat, fine. Otherwise, leave them be.
  • This is my project site, not a sales site. I don’t mind the occasional promotional post if you’re an Egyptology-related creator yourself and have a new Egypt-y thing on offer, or you’re an academic and have a new book or article being published, or you have your own blog. Honestly, it’s probably interesting to us all in those cases (if you’re not sure, just ask me first). I must insist, however, that links to sales of ancient artefacts – legal or illegal – will be tolerated.
  • Nothing ‘adult’ (i.e. NSFW), unless it’s of an ancient artefact (Hatshepsut/Senenmut graffiti, anyone …?). No unsolicited photos of body parts or inappropriate advances on other members (or me).
  • Absolutely no screenshotting and resharing of restricted pages, photos, posts etc. If you have a problem with another member or something that’s been posted, please come to me first. Members are here on the understanding that member-only pages remain for members only. Don’t be the one who ruins that up for us all!

A note about 'public' posts and info

As you’ve probably noticed, your name and nickname are listed as being ‘Public’ (as is your last name, though you can change this).

This info isn’t actually public, because I have set these pages to be restricted to members only. If you try to access them without being logged in, you just get a log-in notice.

This is the same for posts. If you choose to write a post and set it as public, it’ll still only be available for logged-in Society members.

So please do feel free to make do your own posts, and to comment on mine and other people’s. But, don’t feel pressured to share anything about yourself unless you feel comfortable doing so. I want this to be a safe space for everyone.

Remember: what happens in the Tiny Egypt Society, stays in the Tiny Egypt Society 😁

If you’ve enjoyed this article, I’d love it if you could rate it in the comments section below. If you have any thoughts or comments, you can get the conversation going in the comments section.

Unless otherwise credited, all photos in this post are © Julia Thorne. If you’d like to use any of my photos in a lecture, presentation or blog post, please don’t just take them; drop me an email at If you share them on social media, I’d appreciate a link back to this site or to one of my social media accounts. Thanks!

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David Caldecoat
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Wow this looks amazing looking forward to subscribing

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