🎉 Tiny Egypt website is go! 🥳

I’ve done it! The Tiny Egypt project website is now live, and I’d love it if you’d have an explore and see what you think.

Using the menu at the top of this page, you’ll find a gallery, newsfeed stories, articles, and pages about the project and how you can support it.

Some of the content is restricted to my patrons, the paying members of the Tiny Egypt Society. They have their own image gallery and dashboard page, as well as member-only articles and newsfeed items. And there’ll be more to come over the coming months.

At the moment the number of articles, newsfeed items and photos in the gallery are limited, because … well … the project’s still new and I wanted to get the website launched as soon as I could. However, I’ll be keeping you updated via the newsletter as usual, and if you like what you see and want to support the project by becoming a patron, membership of the Tiny Egypt Society starts in at just £1.00 per month (and you get your first month half price).

[This post was originally sent out as an email to launch this site. Because of that, I’ve made a few edits so it makes sense as a Newsfeed update.]

If you’ve enjoyed this update, I’d love it if you could rate it in the comments section below. If you have any thoughts or comments, you can get the conversation going in the comments section.

Unless otherwise credited, all photos in this post are © Julia Thorne. If you’d like to use any of my photos in a lecture, presentation or blog post, please don’t just take them; drop me an email at julia@tetisheri.co.uk. If you share them on social media, I’d appreciate a link back to this site or to one of my social media accounts. Thanks!

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