🖼️ Tiny Egypt kicks back into action

Tiny Egypt has been a little quiet while I was working at the Garstang Museum. Now I’ve finished the project, I’m getting back on track.

First things first. As you can see here, I now have a proper logo for the project. Hooray!

The logo’s a winged scarab holding a camera aperture, bringing together my two passions. But, I’ve thought a lot more carefully about the design beyond ‘I want to combine something Egypt-y with something photography-related’, and I explain my thought process in more detail as to why I chose the scarab in particular over on the Tiny Egypt About page.

I also got back over to Manchester Museum last Tuesday (2 August) to start catching up with some photography. I worked with three amulets from that box I shared with you a few months back, and members of the Tiny Egypt Society have already had a little sneak peek at some of the preliminary images.

I’m aiming to get over to Manchester regularly over the next couple of months, before objects start going back in the gallery in readiness for the museum’s reopening next February.

If you’d like to be one of those project patrons who see my new photos before anyone else does, get behind-the-scenes news, member-only content, and help shape the project, you can do so by joining the Society from only £1.00 per month (and you get your first month half price). You can find out more on the Support Tiny Egypt page.

If you’ve enjoyed this update, I’d love it if you could rate it in the comments section below. If you have any thoughts or comments, you can get the conversation going in the comments section.

Unless otherwise credited, all photos in this post are © Julia Thorne. If you’d like to use any of my photos in a lecture, presentation or blog post, please don’t just take them; drop me an email at julia@tetisheri.co.uk. If you share them on social media, I’d appreciate a link back to this site or to one of my social media accounts. Thanks!

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