Picking up after a busy few weeks + a new photo 🥇

As you know, I launched the new project website a few weeks ago, which I was so pleased to get done.

I have, of course, launched, then had to focus my time in on the other two projects I’ve been doing – the book for the Egypt Exploration Society, and the photography project at the Garstang Museum 🤨

However, the EES book is coming to a close for me now, so I’ve been putting some hours back into Tiny Egypt again over the last week.

I shared an update with members about my research trip to Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, including some snaps of some particularly interesting objects I found, and thinking about the difficulties smaller museums without the budget for specialist curators can have when identifying objects.

I’ve also I used a bit of my lunchtimes whilst up at the Garstang to make my own photographs of a couple of objects I was photographing for them: a gold heart plaque (a small square of beaten gold with Spell 30B of the Book of the Dead etched into the surface) and rephotographing a small ivory label from the Naqada Royal Tomb, which bears the name of Hor-Aha, one of the earliest kings of Egypt. I’ll be posting images to the members’-only photo gallery once I’ve had a chance to work on them.

If you’d like to be one of those project patrons who see my new photos before anyone else does, get behind-the-scenes news, member-only content, and help shape the project, you can do so by joining the Society from only £1.00 per month (and you get your first month half price). You can find out more on the Support Tiny Egypt page.

I’ve also uploaded a new photo to the public gallery. It’s of a clay seal impression from the north suburbs of Amarna, and measures just 2.7 cm tall. It’s in the collection at Bolton, where there’s a number of these seal impressions from Amarna. They really jumped out at me when I first started researching the collection, because when you first look at them, they just look like little clumps of dried mud. It’s not until you get the light right that all these tiny, delicate little images and hieroglyphs reveal themselves to you. Go and have a look and marvel at the incredible detail!

If you’ve enjoyed this update, I’d love it if you could rate it in the comments section below. If you have any thoughts or comments, you can get the conversation going in the comments section.

Unless otherwise credited, all photos in this post are © Julia Thorne. If you’d like to use any of my photos in a lecture, presentation or blog post, please don’t just take them; drop me an email at julia@tetisheri.co.uk. If you share them on social media, I’d appreciate a link back to this site or to one of my social media accounts. Thanks!

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