🗣 November talks and my first Society members

November talks

I did two talks in November: one for the EES’s online lecture series about Tiny Egypt, and one for Manchester Museum volunteers for the museum’s To Have and To Heal project.

The EES talk went so well; I was really happy with it. I was quite nervous, as I’m not used to doing talks, but it all ran smoothly and there were a lot of people there, which was really encouraging. I had some really interesting questions to answer, as well as some wonderful comments from attendees in the Zoom chat. So, to any of you here that came along: thank you!

I know some of you have said that you wanted to attend but couldn’t, so I may look at doing the talk again soon myself.
Manchester was another really enjoyable day. First, I talked to the museum volunteers about the photography I did for To Have and To Heal. Then the second half I focussed on how they can use photography as a mindful pastime, with an emphasis on photography at museums and heritage attractions.

Again, the mindful photography part is something I think I’ll looking at doing again, perhaps as an online talk, so watch this space!

Tiny Egypt Society

The Tiny Egypt Society now has its inaugural members (woohoo!), who had their first members’ update the other day about my day rifling through drawers of artefacts at Bolton. They’re lovely, amazing people for becoming patrons of the project 💓

I’ll be sending out a wee gift of a postcard with a personalised message to members to say thanks for their support, so if you’re thinking of becoming a patron, do so before Friday 3 December, you’ll get in on the postcard list. Membership is done on a pay-what-you-can basis, from only £1.00 per month, and you get your first month half price. So, you could get a year’s membership for £11.50. Just go to the Support Tiny Egypt page to join.

[This post was originally sent out as an email, before I built this dedicated site. Because of that, I’ve made a few edits so it makes sense as a Newsfeed update.]

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