👁 Initial research visits are underway

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Tiny Egypt is progressing. I’ve been out to the Garstang twice during December to look for objects to add to my photography wishlist. I now have over 340 objects 😲 on my list, though I may narrow it down again.

I looked around the galleries, and through card catalogues and boxes of scarabs, amulets and funerary cones, and found so many interesting things.

Pandemic allowing, I’m off to Manchester in the second week of January, and hope to book in a session at the Garstang in the second half of the month to get going with some photography (keep your fingers crossed for me!).

Members of the Tiny Egypt Society have already had the lowdown on my Garstang sessions, including a few snaps of objects that’ve caught my eye. If you’d like to become a patron of the project by joining the Society from only £1.00 per month (first month half price), then amongst other things, you’ll get access to the members-only area of this website with past updates and an exclusive image gallery. More details on the Support Tiny Egypt page.

[This post was originally sent out as an email, before I built this dedicated site. Because of that, I’ve made a few edits so it makes sense as a Newsfeed update.]

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