🎺 Announcing the Tiny Egypt Society

I’m very excited to launch The Tiny Egypt Society, a new way in which you can support Tiny Egypt.

As an independent photographer, I’m working on Tiny Egypt entirely on my own and it’s not easy. Rather than spend lots of time trying to write bids for funding and having to tailor my project to what I think the funding bodies want to see me do, I’d prefer to spend that time making more photographs, sharing them with you, and getting your opinion on how the project’s shaping up.

So, from just £1.00 a month, you can join The Tiny Egypt Society and become a patron of Tiny Egypt with your monthly contribution. There are no complicated Patreon-style tier rewards, because I understand that £1.00 can be as much of an outlay to some as £50.00 might be to others. So, just choose the amount you feel comfortable pledging; minimum £1.00 per month, maximum £50.00.

You will be one of the first people to see new photos of artefacts I’m working with, get behind-the-scenes updates, and get inside access to everything else that goes into keeping the project running.

Members will be thanked in my annual publication, and those who pledge at least £10 a month will be thanked personally and sent a complimentary copy.

You’ll have access to the exclusive members’-only area on this website, which features more comprehensive articles and photo galleries.

Monthly contributions can be cancelled, paused, increased or decreased at any time, no questions asked.

It’s already awesome that you’re supporting me by being here, reading this update. But, if you’d like to join The Tiny Egypt Society, or would like to see the other ways in which you can support Tiny Egypt (some of which don’t involve any money at all), you can do so over on the Support Tiny Egypt page.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t chosen to use a platform like Patreon, the reason is simple: the fees for using them are astronomical. Running the Society from my website means – barring the standard bank processing fees all businesses pay, which I would still have to pay when using a third-party platform like Patreon – everything you pledge comes to me to support the project.

[This post was originally sent out as an email, before I built this dedicated site. Because of that, I’ve made a few edits so it makes sense as a Newsfeed update.]

If you’ve enjoyed this update, I’d love it if you could rate it in the comments section below. If you have any thoughts or comments, you can get the conversation going in the comments section.

Unless otherwise credited, all photos in this post are © Julia Thorne. If you’d like to use any of my photos in a lecture, presentation or blog post, please don’t just take them; drop me an email at julia@tetisheri.co.uk. If you share them on social media, I’d appreciate a link back to this site or to one of my social media accounts. Thanks!

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